Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Finishes

Ceramic and porcelain tile are a great option for pool owners looking to add a custom look or waterline accent without extending their budget too far.

A positive outcome will be a balance of scale, color, texture and detail. The choices are endless, but the critical factor in selecting this style is the designer’s skill and knowledge of the material at hand. Many designs blend glass, ceramic and porcelain tile; the assortment can create a unique personalized look that makes a statement about your pool.


Glass has become a popular tile choice in recent years. While it is the most expensive type of pool tile, customers on a budget may opt to choose a tile incorporating both glass and ceramic tile in one mosaic tile.

In addition, this durable, nonporous tile can be made from recycled materials. As a medium, glass complements the transparent nature of water. Its ability to be molded into various shapes, creating pebble-like or abstract effects, is a strong allure.

Glass tile comes in many varieties. Small-format, mosaic glass tile can produce a classical appearance and has the advantage of being able to completely cover curved surfaces. Many have an iridescent coating, which shimmers in the changing light and as water flows over its surface.


2017 MasterTile Tile Catalog

2017 NPT Tile Catalog

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